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Sinners in the Hands of a Good God is my personal inquiry into the nature of divine justice. Writing out of an intense struggle to accept the Bible’s picture of a just but loving God, I examine biblical teachings on God’s attitude toward sin, his plan to punish the guilty forever, the relationship between grace and faith, the meaning of Christ’s death, the change in status when we believe, and God’s original purpose in creation. Only the Christian faith shows us God as he truly is: perfectly holy and utterly uncompromising in his aversion to evil, yet simultaneously loving and gracious beyond our wildest dreams.        


                                                                                          ~by Senior Pastor David Clotfelter (Author)


A series of short videos discussing the relationship between modern science and Christian faith by Senior Pastor David Clotfelter; the special goal of the series is to help Christians learn to think critically about areas of apparent conflict between science and theology...