18827 Roscoe Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91324
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Community Christian Alliance Church 

Sunday Worship Services ~ 9 AM & 10:45 AM  (818) 718-2282
Transforming our world and our community by being disciples of Christ who make disciples who will make disciples.


Adult Sunday Seminar

Our Adult Sunday Seminar is an informal and interactive forum in which various theological and practical Christian topics are discussed. If you have questions about Christianity, specific theological topics or life issues, you can bring them all to the Seminar and we’ll endeavor together to find biblical answers.

Our Mission

To glorify God through lives transformed by an accurate study of Scripture, impassioned love for God, and gracious service to others.

To impart knowledge which results in humility rather than arrogance.

To promote further discussion among families and growth groups.

To disciple future teachers who will disciple future teachers.

To demonstrate the ultimate authority and sufficiency of the Word of God for every form of life and doctrine.

Time:  10:45 A.M.

Contact us for any questions.